Threads and know-how on everything which can be sewn

Men's clothing, women's clothing, shoes, leather, technical textiles - the spectrum of threads and yarns by Gütermann covers all requirements for what people wear, what works better in sewing and what makes life safer.

Industrienähfäden von Gütermann
Everythings for the perfect seams Zoom

You will find our threads in suits, shirts, trousers, blouses and costumes, in sneakers and boots and in protective clothing, marquees or even airbags - and these are only a few examples, to which we could add many more.

We have them all: threads in thicker and above all in finer designs; in a wider range of colours, with or without special features, knot-free and suitable for machines.

Each of these threads fulfils the high quality requirements placed on all its products by Gütermann. Each one has profited from generations of experience, which you can make use of whenever you wish.

This is because we do not just provide superb products and a worldwide sales network, but also sewing advice on request - wherever you are and whenever you need us.