Trend colours autumn/winter 2020-21

Discover the colours of the coming season

Published on: 05.09.2019

Trend colours autumn / winter 2020-21Which colours will essentially dominate the autumn / winter fashion 2020-21? In the following overview we provide you with a summary of all important colour forecasts for women's, men's and children's clothing as well as sportswear, interior and lingerie.

Due to the reorientation of the textile sector towards greater sustainability, this season's current colours reflect the mood and desire for change. However, the focus on nature by no means signals only restraint, instead it also includes intense and surprising accents, as they occur analogously in the four elements of fire, water, air and earth.

Accordingly, the colour palette for autumn / winter 2020-21 in the first colour group shows a focus on matt, earthy nuances such as brown and earth tones. In the second colour palette, on the other hand, both powerful red shades and delicate rose tones, contrasting with heavy purple and berry tones, form the core. The third colour group is characterised by the use of different shades from the blue spectrum. Warm, reddish blended shades of blue like ultra-marine, violet, verbena or plum finally lead harmoniously out of this colour group. This makes the new blue shades particularly versatile and suitable for both classic and consciously modern looks. The last quarter of the colour arrangement is rounded off by green tones and shows greenish blue shades, followed by vegetable nuances and bright, turquoise variants.

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