Training start 2018

A&E Gütermann welcomes six new trainees

Published on: 25.09.2018

On September 3rd, 2018, six young people began their vocational training at A&E Gütermann. Among them are two industrial clerks, one dual student in Business Administration and one textile laboratory assistant. For the first time, A&E Gütermann is also training a specialist for warehouse logistics and an IT specialist focusing on system integration.

After an initial weltraining start 2018come by Managing Director Juergen Drescher, Director HR Europe Martina Kaltenbach, Head of Vocational Training Verena Schwär, the Works Council Chairman and the Youth and Trainee Council, who wished them all a good start, the subsequent introductory programme began. By means of a tour through the administration building and the production at the headquarters in Gutach, the young trainees were able to gain a good insight into the different premises and the production process of A&E Gütermann. In the following workshop, the new apprentices were informed about the most important basics for a successful start to their training and were able to get to know each other better through various tasks. In the following days and weeks, the young trainees also attended many internal training courses and events in order to best ensure their career entry.

A&E Gütermann wishes all new apprentices a good start and a successful career!