Trainee project week

A social sewing project of a special kind
Published on: 03.04.2018
trainee project weekAs part of the trainee project week, which was conducted under the motto "training of social competences", the A&E Gütermann trainees of the first apprenticeship year worked together with the socio-therapeutic living and working community "Am Bruckwald" to create a very special sewing project.

For one week, a creative workshop was created in which the trainees together with the Bruckwald people diligently sewed bags and cushions made of Gütermann fabrics and threads. In conjunction with the felt, which is specially produced in the felt workshop at Bruckwald, the bags and cushions could be additionally decorated with individual details.

While the trainees of A&E Gütermann returned to normal working life after this week with a lot of new impressions and exciting experiences, the Bruckwald people were happy about receiving those great souvenirs.