Textile can do a lot

Textile Valley Baden-Wuerttemberg

Published on: 07.11.2018

Textile can do a lot in Baden-WuerttembergTextile can do a lot in Baden-Wuerttemberg and has become a driver of innovation for a wide range of industries. A&E Gütermann has also been an important driving force in the textile industry for more than 275 years and, like many other companies, belongs to the Textile Vally in Baden-Württemberg.

As a member of the Southwest German Textile and Clothing Industry Association, Südwesttextil e.V. represents the interests of the industry in Baden-Württemberg and is committed to social and ecological standards. By means of the following brochure, Südwesttextil has put together an informative overview of the industry, its regional innovation drivers and their latest developments: SWT Broschüre_ Textil kann viel 2018