Workshop Ultimate 180 and Maraflex

Groz-Beckert on a visit
Published on: 21.11.2017

workshop-for-Groz_BeckertOn the occasion of a workshop day in our Seam Competence Center, A&E Gütermann was delighted with the visit from Groz-Beckert KG. Groz-Beckert is the world’s leading provider of industrial machine needles.
Maraflex spool for highly elastic seamsDuring the course of the workshop day with Groz-Beckert, the possibilities of our Perma Core® Ultimate 180 thread together with the right sewing needle for fine blouses and shirt applications had been discussed and then shown on the sewing machines. Furthermore, it was also debated which sewing thread would be the perfect solution for a highly elastic seam. In a comprehensive product demonstration, Maraflex - the special sewing thread of A&E Gütermann for particularly elastic seams - was presented and its excellent performance was demonstrated directly on the sewing machine.
As a result of the workshop, Groz-Beckert noted that in regards to the application it is not only the sewing thread playing a key role for a perfect seam but also the appropriate type of sewing needle. It should, however, not be disregarded, that the sewing machine, the fabrics used and as well the seamstress also have a significant share to bear.
Working closely together with an experienced team of sewing technicians and industry experts, A&E Gütermann is committed to preserving, optimizing and sharing complex and complicated sewing techniques.
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