A&E Gütermann sponsors sewing thread for architectural project
Published on: 11.12.2017
A creative space made of air for all senses: within the framework of EASA* Denmark 2017, Espacio La Nube, a Spanish architecture office, in collaboration with European architecture students, made this to their architectural project. The result is "the BUBBLE". It was designed in response to the need for a space that could adapt to the number of users and the different atmospheres of EASA day by day.
“The purpose was to create a space which reacts and adapts to the experiences that are taking part inside. A bubble, whose form is never the same, that catalyses a diversity of activities and is able to generate a framework in which everyone’s ideas can fit in.”

What is special about „the BUBBLE“?
This architecturally unique construct inflates within a very short time and is made of a fire-retardant, waterproof material, which is also easy to transport at the same time. Continuous airflow and an integrated LED system not only prevent the greenhouse effect but also create special lighting effects. In the course of this architectural project, A&E Gütermann also worked closely with the creators of "the BUBBLE”. To hold the individual panels together, there was a requirement for a sewing thread, which is particularly rub and abrasion resistant, withstands strong environmental influences and at the same time boasts high colour fastness and excellent sewability. Thus, we sponsored our special thread Solbond.

Find out more about "the BUBBLE" at:
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*The EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) is an architecture workshop festival organised by and for architecture students from across Europe. During this event, over 500 architecture students from more than 40 countries and 200 different architecture schools congregate each year. 

Here some impressions:

the BUBBLE 1
the BUBBLE 3
the BUBBLE 10
the BUBBLE 4
the BUBBLE 7
the BUBBLE 8
the BUBBLE 9