Stitch by Stitch

A social business with a great impact
Published on: 02.11.2017
B2B_tailor's_workshopStitch by Stitch is a B2B tailoring workshop in Frankfurt am Main, which offers a job to seamstresses, who have fled their homeland. Small series for local fashion labels are produced - all made in Germany. A win-win situation that works for both sides: While the seamstresses get a job, professional training or a post qualification to develop a professional career and integrate accordingly, small fashion labels are given the opportunity to gain a foothold in the market as well as to be able to produce transparently and locally.
For Stitch by Stitch, however, integration does not just stop with providing a job. Besides being supported with special language courses, the displaced seamstresses also receive valuable support in their everyday life, for example, in terms of dealing with authorities, apartment searches and childcare.

For A&E Gütermann it was a particular concern to be able to contribute by supporting this social business. Since sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference, we sponsored one of our shade cabinets for Stitch by Stitch. The enthusiasm was great and the seamstresses were happy about the possibility to use our premium sewing threads for their production.