“On-site learning” - business orientation event at A&E Gütermann

152 years of company tradition and high tech – a memorable company visit to A&E Gütermann for refugees.
Published on: 28.03.2017
152 years of company tradition and high tech – a memorable company visit to A&E Gütermann for refugees. Familiarity with the German language and access to the employment market are important factors for the successful integration of refugees into the host community.

On-site learning
Since the beginning of the year 2016, Wabe gGmbH and Sick AG have been working with the Waldkirch college of further education to provide language courses and career guidance modules for about 20 participants from Syria, Iraq and Iran. On a visit to the traditional firm of Gütermann in Gutach, participants gained an initial insight into the multi-faceted production processes of this sewing thread manufacturer. The visitors were impressed by the number of machines in the spinning mill and by their operating speed. High tech in a sector which is familiar to many in their mother country. In the most up-to-date dye works in Europe, over 6,000 colour combinations are available for a wide variety of applications. A spectrum which is indispensable to the shimmering, multi-coloured world of fashion. A tour of the factory very quickly impressed upon the visitors that Gütermann is one of the leading manufacturers of sewing threads and technical sewing yarns. After the factory tour, the head of training Verena Burger joined department heads Frank Krause, Pietro Tartaglione and Frank Dufner to talk about the skilled commercial posts of production mechanic, textile product finisher and warehouse clerk. The participants then re-visited the individual departments with renewed interest. Here they were able try skills out for themselves, talk to employees and gain their own personal impression of one of the largest employers in the Elz Valley.

Work experience in finished goods storage
Omran Alnedami successfully completed his work experience in finished goods storage. Omran comes from Syria and has been in Germany since September 2015. He lives in Tiengen, near Freiburg. As part of the integration of refugees, he took part in a project run in collaboration with WABE gGmbH in Waldkirch in which refugees worked in a company for two days a week. The other three days they attended a German language course in Freiburg. On the Thursdays and the Fridays he worked in our finished goods storage department and by 23.12.2016 had gained experience in storage, picking and packing. The objective of the work placement is to give participants the opportunity of using in the workplace the German language skills they have acquired and to move them towards the training and employment markets.