A&E Gütermann supports Africachild e.V. in Kenya

A village for young mothers

Published on: 22.10.2019

Offering young mothers a home, orientation and education - this is the aim of Africachild e.V., a non-profit association that has been working since 2001 for young mothers in Kenya who are abandoned, orphaned or victims of violence and exclusion.

group picture Africachild e.V.
In Africachild-Village, the girls before and after the birth of their child, are integrated into a protective and supportive solidarity community, which not only enables the young mothers to raise their child, but at the same time also imparts survival-securing knowledge and skills in various areas. Africachild Village is a small village in the Kwale region of south-eastern Kenya. In addition to a central community house, sleeping and living facilities, a wash house and a baby care house, there is also a training building in which the young mothers are trained so they can care for their baby and themselves afterwards. The girls can undergo for example hairdressing training in the village hairdresser's, housekeeping or tailoring training in the specially equipped sewing workshop. During the training period, the babies are cared for in the Baby Care House. Psychological counselling and basic medical and material services are also available to the girls at all times.

sewing room Africachild e.V.sewing room Africachild e.V.

For A&E Gütermann it is a special concern to support Africachild e.V. Thanks to a donation of sewing material needed for their sewing workshop, A&E Gütermann made many faces smile. We are already looking forward to the creative results of the sewing projects!

Would you also like to support Africachild e.V.? Learn more: http://www.africachild.com