A&E Gütermann participates in Simonswälder Childen’s Holiday Programme

Creative work with nail, wood and sewing thread

Published on: 03.09.2019

As part of the Simonswald community's children's holiday programme, A&E Gütermann took part again on 29th of August 2019 with a very special programme. This year’s motto was "Creative creation of a thread image".

After an initial greeting and briefing, the programme officially started. With the help of ready-made thread picture templates with different animal motives, a group of 6 children enthusiastically set to work. Each child chose its favourite motive and then nails were nailed diligently along the template lines into the wooden plates intended for the thread picture.

Fadenbild Löwe Giraffethread picture elephantThe next step required above all precise dexterity. For each animal motive, the children had a wide variety of sewing thread colours at their disposal with which they were able to build up the thread pattern. After selecting the colours, the threads were carefully pulled from nail to nail. The children used Mara 30, manufactured with our Micro Core Technology® – a highly uniform thread in a slightly coarser sewing thread count, which was perfect for giving the thread pattern the right touch. The more the thread pattern gradually became visible, the brighter the children's eyes became.

Around 4:30 p.m. the creative afternoon was already coming to an end and so a simple wooden plate, nails and threads became a beautiful thread picture with the motives of a lion, elephant or a giraffe. The children proudly presented their final thread pictures and were happy about the small souvenir, which they were allowed to take home afterwards.