For our suppliers

Our principle objective is to inspire our customers by providing them with pioneering ideas and innovative, high-quality products. Our suppliers do essentially contribute to achieve this aim. The following issues are important for us in order to establish and maintain a long-term and cooperative business relationship:
Adherence to deadlines
You reliably meet the defined delivery dates, yet can react flexible if necessary.
Employee competence
Your utmost priority is a trusting and cooperative relationship both within your company and with your business partners.
Constant improvement
You endeavour to achieve constant improvement in terms of both quality and service, to reduce costs and to actively work with us in fulfilling the requirements of our customers. 
Quality responsibility
You have an efficient quality management system that you ideally document with a certification according to ISO 9001 or by providing
an accordant self-assessment questionnaire. 
We require
  • Filament yarns and grey yarns made of polyester, polyamide 6.6, meta-aramid, etc.
  • Nett silk and spun silk
  • Binding and tapes
  • Dye stuffs and chemicals
  • Yarn carriers (bobbins)
  • Packaging materials (cartons, films, bags, labels)
  • Subcontracting
  • Colour cards
We are looking forward to hearing from you:
Conditions of purchase and Guidelines for suppliers
Below please find our general conditions of purchase and our supplier guidelines:
Conditions of purchase
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Supplier Guidelines
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