Business philosophy

Striving for perfection has always been and is still the declared aim of our company. The knowledge that every application deserves a perfect solution in terms of quality is our primary concern - in particular because we are aware that often not just optics and functionality are important, but also safety and quality.
Our threads and twisted threads are equal to these high requirements - whether they are used in the clothing industry, in the shoe industry or in the processing of technical textiles. Thanks to this approach, A&E Gütermann today is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide and the only fully integrated sewing thread manufacturer in Europe.
Mission Statement
We operate under the corporate brand “A&E Gütermann”. We see it as an obligation to provide quality, service, sustainability and to lead innovation. We are active worldwide as a premium supplier with the motto “think global, act local” for customers all around the world. A&E Gütermann has always given priority to consistent and responsible behaviour, fairness, cooperative partnership and diversity. As a reliable partner, we inspire our customers with passion and outstanding expertise.

Values by conviction
Premium Quality
To be at the top is not a state
but a lasting process!
Our behaviour towards employees, business
partners and the environment is respectful
We adhere to the tried and tested. Namely, to what has pushed us forward for 275 years
Ideas are perfect when they
prove in the application
Simply put to the point:
"Passion in every fiber"
For all industries - for all people:
from Europe into the whole world