Sustainability for A&E Gütermann means the constant effort to seek harmony between economy and ecology. We aim to create sustainable value in each and every respect. As the European Headquarters of the A&E Group, A&E Gütermann makes an important contribution to achieve the global environmental and sustainability goals.

Reduction Greenhouse Gases and Global Power Consumption Sustainability

Carbon Footprint Reduction Sustainability

12-Million Investment Sustainability

Zero-Waste-to-Landfill Sustainability

Water Reduction Sustainability

Wastewater Recycling Sustainability

Our 10 steps for sustainable threads

The following steps have been established in the production of our premium sewing threads and have been a lived practice at A&E Gütermann for many years:

1. Reduced CO2-emission (global carbon footprint)
2. Water conservation and recycling
3. Energy conservation
4. Sustainable packaging
5. Waste reduction and recycling
6.  Sustainable products
7.  Global EHS and social responsibility
8.  Supply chain sustainability
9.  Eco-Driven product stewardship
10. Eco-Driven employee education and involvement

A&E Gütermann Corporate Sustainability Report 2018/19

We strive continously to improve our performance in key areas of environmental sustainability, while acting transparently and ethically. Each year, we measure our performance against the targets outlined in our 10 Threads of Sustainability. The theme of this year's Sustainability Report is 'A focus on the future'. It is this futuristic focus that drives us to keep in mind how all of our actions and activities will affect the world both today and in the future. Because our responsibility starts at our own doorstep – and applies worldwide.
See our Corporate Sustainability Report here:
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