Roadmap to Zero - Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals

Our parent group A&E is proud to be a member of the ZDHC programme. The ZDHC initiative is led by the non-profit association ZDHC and more than 20 companies from the textile and shoes industry which are actively involved in the initative, minimising harmful chemicals during the production process.
The ZDHC initiative focuses on the following areas:
  • Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL*) & Conformity Guidance
  • Wastewater Quality
  • Audit Protocol
  • Research
  • Data and Disclosure as well as
  • Training
As a leader in the textile industry, who is actively engaged in environmental protection and corporate responsibility, we are working together with leading brands to drive industry-wide change in responsible chemicals management.
ZDHC's goals are very similar to many of A&E's important environmental efforts. At A&E, we adhere to the MRSL* in our products, are consistently working to improve our water quality globally, internally and externally audit our facilities and are heavily involved in researching new ways in which to reach our sustainability goals on a long-term base.

Below please find the prioritized chemicals, A&E has committed to eliminate:
*Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL): Download PDF / 8.68 MB
See website of ZDHC initiative: Roadmap to Zero
See press release of our parent group A&E here