The name Gütermann has stood for premium quality for over 150 years. In the textile industry, that means perfect seams – through uniformity, a silky shine, a smooth texture, tear resistance and maximum flexibility. To offer our customers sustainable support, we also need to be flexible in how we approach the requirements of today’s market and current fashion trends.

Our products have grown countinously with these requirements. We produce sewing thread products for the Consumer, Industry and Automotive sectors which are precisely designed to meet the needs of our customers. They are carefully developed by our textile specialists so that they always have the same quality. The standards that we apply are set by our master product ‘Mara’, which is well-known throughout the industry for its high quality. When manufacturing processes reach their limits, we take things to the next level.
We optimise our technologies and keep up with the latest developments in research. That’s how innovation happens. And the quality promise of A&E Gütermann remains. Your perfect seam starts with our employees. In the past, workers worked in isolation on their specific craft, but the needs of modern society require teams of interdisciplinary specialists. In our plants in Germany and Slovenia, highly specialised textile technologists, engineers, chemists and dyers work together to ensure that all details are coordinated.

1 Managing Director and 720 employees in Europe, worldwide over 10.000

23+51 production sites, subsidiaries and representative offices worldwide
42 Innovations in the sewing thread sector
3000 tonnes of sewing threads are produced annually in Europe
20.100.000 kWh/year equals our current electricity consumption - since 2010 we were able to reduce this value by almost 15 %
> 1.000 the annual sold quantity of our threads can be wrapped around the equator


Since our merger as A&E Gütermann in 2014, we support your value chain worldwide. The smooth flow of materials and information minimizes your costs and creates transparency.
With our fully integrated production and storage facilities in the heart of Europe, we give our customers a decisive competitive advantage: a secure value chain, supported by lean logistics, fast production and absolute delivery reliability. A dense network of production companies and subsidiaries as well as trading partners ensures that our products are guaranteed to be at the right place at the right time. Not just in Europe, but worldwide.

A&E Gütermann operates as part of Elevate Textiles, Inc. with worldwide operations in the United States, Mexico, and China. Elevate Textiles, a portfolio company of Platinum Equity, offers global textile brands including American & Efird, Burlington, Cone Denim, Gütermann and Safety Components.

With a global array of premium fabric and thread solutions focused on innovation, sustainability and quality craftsmanship, Elevate Textiles provides products that surround us every day and in all facets of life. We offer advanced, high quality products and mission critical textile solutions across vast industries including fashion and functional apparel, footwear, military, fire, medical, athletic, automotive, aerospace, outdoor, and other specialty sectors. Elevate Textiles is committed to delivering solutions that protect and enhance our lives through its global manufacturing platform that includes 37 facilities across six continents and over 15,000 employees.

Elevate Textiles Inc. Group